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  • Sunday, 28 March 2010

    The Great Designer

    Once upon a time there was an itinerant merchant. He bought his wares in the city, packed them in a cloth bundle and carried it on his head from village to village. He made a meagre living.

    One day, as he walked in the hot sun he was sad about and angry with his fate. The next village was quite some distance away. He decided to eat his lunch and rest a while and proceed. He was confident that he would reach the next village before sundown. He found a suitable large banyan tree and made himself comfrtable under it. Took out his packed lunch of rotis and chatni from his bag and had his lunch. He washed his hands in the pond nearby and quenched his thirst. Using his bundle as back rest, he lay down. He looked up at the tree and saw the figs of the banyan tree.

    Being angry with his fate, he was angry with god too and wanted to take a pot shot at him. He thought. "Ah, great designer, this god. He makes such a huge tree and gives it such small fruits. He makes those huge ash gourds grow on a weak vine that spreads all over the ground!"

    Just at that time, a fig fell straight on his forehead from a great height. It hurt, really bad. He then thought, "God is great! He is such a wonderful designer. If he had given ash gourd sized fruits to this tree, I would be dead!"

    On the same day, in another part of India, another merchant decided to rest under a tall coconut tree.

    His story never got out.