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  • Friday, 9 May 2008

    Be German, Buy German

    Wolfgang decided, finally, to buy a VCR.

    (For you modern dudes: VCR is (was?) Video Cassette Recorder, an amazing device from a bygone era that played video)

    He was firm on this one. He would buy a German VCR. Someone with such a typical German name had to be a proud German. Added to this was the recent blitzkreig campaign with the slogan: "Be German, Buy German". So, German it shall be. With world-renown companies such as Blaupunkt and Grundig, one should easily get a good buy.

    He went to the biggest electronic gadget store in town. The salesman was eager to show him the various models. Sony, JVC, Panasonic . .

    No! says Wolfgang. I want a German brand. Show me something by Blaupunkt.

    Finally he got something that he liked, including the price. Blaupunkt it was. Bill was made, cash handed over and the proud owner carried his VCR home. Being familiar with electrical gadgets, by working for a famous German company, he set out to install the VCR without much problems.

    Soon he had only one wire to plug in. He turned the table lamp towards the back of the device and lo and behold!

    Made in Japan
    For Blaupunkt

    * * * * *
    This is a story from the eighties. If it were to be from the recent past it would have perhaps been Made in China.


    Starry-eyed Shruti said...

    LOL!! Nice story :)

    Starry-eyed Shruti said...

    And before I forget, what do you mean by modern dudes? We understand what VCR is. I watched my first film QSQT. Are we modern duds, you mean to say?

    Anonymous said...

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    Ira said...

    Anil - I have a cool one. It used to be a sardar joke but it can be a Polish one too :).

    So this guy goes to buy a phoren ka radio. His main criteria is that it should be 'Made in China, Japan or something foreign and exotic'. So he goes to the shop and asks for one. And 10 minutes later he is the proud owner of Sony, Made in Japan radio set.

    He goes home, tunes it and the radio after a few sizzles and tongs,clears, tunes and says ' Yeh akashvani Bharat hai'. :)

    Of course needless to say the person goes back to the shop and gives a piece of his mind to the keeper!