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  • Sunday, 9 December 2007


    A busy day. Too many things happening but not all of them the way they should.

    An urgent need to consult and take the permission of the boss, to take a particular course of action. So, he walks up the stairs to the boss’s chambers. At the landing of the stairs, facing it, sits a PYT.

    Wow, thinks he. Good that I have this problem and this solution that needs the boss’s OK.

    He goes in and the boss’s secretary informs him that the PYT has passed the initial rounds of tests and interviews and is waiting for the final dekko by the boss man.

    Hope she gets the job, he thinks.

    Busy day passes. Two busy weeks pass.

    A fortnight later there is a colleague taking the very same PYT around and introducing her to her new colleagues.

    It is his turn now. He says, “You have already joined? It was only a fortnight ago that you were interviewed!” It is a wonder since the whole process of interviews, decisions, job offer, acceptance and reporting for duty could take more than a month.

    She looks him straight in the eye and remarks, “You have an excellent memory! You saw me just once and only for a few seconds!”

    Of course he has an excellent memory. When it comes to PYTs.

    He returns the complement. Your memory is excellent too. You saw me just once and for the same few seconds too.

    Then it hits her! Blush…….. awkward silence. He smiles and releases her from it all. “

    “In any case, welcome to the company. I hope you enjoy working here. Wish you all the best”

    The guy doing the honours does not understand what is happening. It is all happening too quickly and he does not know the circumstances. So he lets it pass and takes her to the next colleague for introductions.

    Days and weeks pass.

    One evening, as he leaves the factory for home, he sees the PYT standing in the bus stand. The factory is far off from the city and the buses are few and far between. So, he is “chivalrous” and offers her a lift on his scooter. It is accepted with alacrity.

    They start a conversation, back to front, eyes unable to meet. Against the wind, above the engine noise – A Bajaj Super for chrissake, above the rattle of the vehicle on the bad road.

    She asks him, “Where do you live?”

    “At home”. Very helpful.

    She makes it simpler for him, “with your parents?” He really looks much younger than his thirty-five years. Much, much, younger, in fact.

    “No, with my wife and two sons”

    “What?” she exclaims. No "pardon me", mind you. The scooter sways a bit.

    He soon brings it under control. It was just a small sway, anyway.

    He confirms the answer.

    Silence. They reach the bus stop inside the city limits, where she can catch the next bus and go home.

    End of conversation, Hurried byes. Formal thanks, Equally formal dismissal of thanks, No problems at all. A pleasure, in fact, . . .

    End of the story . .


    Starry-eyed Shruti said...

    Nice story!

    Anonymous said...
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